Our Partnership,
Your Advantage

DT&T is the Vendor Division of our parent company, American Communications Supply, Inc. (ACSI). ACSI is a Wholesaler of New & Refurbished Phone Equipment and a National In-House Repair Center for Communication Equipment. This partnership gives us a wide range of services, products and programs to offer.

Variety of Systems Serviced
DT&T is an ideal choice for multi-location companies who have several brands and models of phones to maintain and service. Many companies have equipment serving their needs and are looking for maintenance and upgrade solutions utilizing their current equipment. For those who have experienced the frustration of servicing a myriad of systems or faced the prospect of a time consuming, expensive, wholesale change out, DT&T can offer an effective alternative.

Advance Replacement
DT&T often has needed parts on hand that can be used as advance replacement for components in need of repair. When possible, we can bring our component to the customers' site, take the customers’ component in trade and charge for a repair instead of an
outright purchase. Many times this also saves additional service calls.

System Analysis & Site Surveys
DT&T has breadth of knowledge and variety of choices. Companies that are expanding and upgrading can look to DT&T for choices, options and advice on equipment, provider services and strategies that other companies cannot or will not offer.

Equipment Replacement Program (ERP)
DT&T offers ERP for large, multi-location companies who are looking for a convenient, cost effective way to maintain their phone equipment and related components. This system works well when a majority of equipment is from one manufacturer. Click on the ACSI button for more details or give us a call to see if it’s the right solution for you.